Phandalin Mancave

Journey to Southbend

The party accepts a quest from Sildar Hailwinter and his friend Ornstein Kettleblack to investigate disapearance of the people from southern village.
- Quest reward is an item of choosing from Ornsteins armory.

On route the group spots 1 lizardkind foraging with their owlbear. They are quickly dispatched. Upon investigating the corpses they see they were collecting arms that seem to be scattering the nearby forest.

Traveling closer towards the village, more lizardkin are spotted abducting more humans. they are ambushed by a mysterious group. Before the group can intervene the lizardkin and their abducted group vanishes in a flashing portal.

The group is attacked by the strange raiders, to find they are orcs and a halforc female Dura. Most are greenish and some are clay/red colored. They parley with the orcs and head back to the orc camp to speak with their shaman leader Durz Before departing, the group hears a crack and flash of lightning. seconds later arms are found fallen on the ground.

At the Orc camp, a muscular Red orc Garric returns with a captive lizardkin. His is intimidated to and reveals the location of their camp. A party of orcs and the group ride together to ambush the lizardkin to avoid another escape.

The group successfully captures the leader and defeats his group. In the process his staff activates a portal. The group enters.

Inside the portal the group finds they are inside a stone room. Arrowslits look out to open ocean. Blood, burning, bile and salt are the smells noticed by all. On the table they see a blade and severed arm.

As the group explores they advance into the next room, here the scene is horror. The room is massive filled with nearly a hundred massive cast iron sewer grates. The grates are filled with people inside. Older and larger humans are found with their arms missing standing tightly and with black oily tentacles sticking from their mouths. Other grates have large numbers of children with their arms intact. A panel on the wall is found, inspected but left alone.

The group enters the next room to see 4 lizardkin and 2 enslaved gith turn and rush the party. Session ends here.

Phandalin Return and Followup

The following is a brief summary of the events that took place in Phandalin

- A young couple approaches Wen Tan with a small gift of gratitude for his generous donation to reopen the mine.

- And Gundren Rockseeker left each of you approximately 200 GP worth of various gems and ore as a token for your protection of the village and your efforts to continue its mining operation.

- Sildar says hi, he has heard word from Waterdeep of council meetings and you watch as his mounts up and heads out shortly after your arrival.

- You went back to your manor looking to unwind and see its inhabitants.

- The house portion looks much better after it was repaired.

- You enter the lower depths in search of the Nothic and Roper, but no one appears to be home. You also see the lower depths have changed with more lava than you remember. Nothic must have put in some energy saving thermal heating.

- You stumble accidently onto some new inhabitents and end up fighting a Grick and a Roper (Not the one you saved).

- Shortly after the battle you see the Nothic and Roper fall out from behind some pillars in embrace. They have become “Good Friends” while you were gone, and their distraction let in some crazies.

- The Nothic also says that his return to this place allowed others to follow him in and someone resides within the cavern.

- Your search uncovers a flesh-burnt humanoid with three elementals at his command (Earth, Fire and Water)

- You defeat the man and banish his elementals. Rewarded with some fire potion and an air elemental gem. He was also carrying a stack of Waterdeep coinage strung up on a cord. The dates on the coins appear to be just over 80 years older than todays date,

- You exit the basement of your home after scolding the Nothic to see Turlington ride up with half a dozen full platemail mounted guards. He states that the there will be a Council Meeting soon in Waterdeep and they are gathering adventurers now.

- Just as you prepare to return with Turlington you hear a guttural tone fill the sky. Your Wyverns suddenly become restless and unruly. It took all of your efforts to stop their attacks, sleep them and stash them in your dungeon to let them cool off.

- A speak with Animals learns that they were being called by the Draakhorn. Turlington states that this was the cause of the councils gathering. The horn calls all dragons and their followers within 2000 miles. This concerned many that sit on the council.

- You also all gain Level 8!

This is where we ended.

The following is a summary of the introduction to the next set of events (i.e. Seeding the story for tomorrow so we can get right to it)

- Turlington states that the Council of Waterdeep meets in 10 days. The ride to Waterdeep is shortened now that Solomon tests his new wings as he transforms into a Giant Eagle.

- You follow the caravan of knights that return to Waterdeep along the trade roads and arrive at this metropolis in 4 days. Waterdeep is west by southwest from Phandalin.

- Turlington leads your through the vast city, population exceeds 100,000. He takes you to a large inn where your room and board are paid for by the Council. You see other adventuring parties also gathering at the same inn.

- Turlington states that the council will meet in 6 days at the Great Hall. He asks that you meet him here on the morning of the 6th day and he will escort you.

- **** This is all unknown information here. 5 full days in a bustling metropolis to explore, learn, train, steal and buy goods. I was going to let any of you contact me via email to explore this more. Feel free to email me.*

- You all look rested and ready on the morning of the 6th day. Turlington takes you to the Council Chambers.

- Inside the council hall you see almost a hundred people gathering and talking. You see various nobles, knights, kings, queens and even some familiar faces.

- Sildar walks the room meeting with his friends on the Lords Alliance faction.

- You see Leosean, the bard that meet you outside of the Dragon Hatchery is there wandering and whispering with some of his Harper buddies.

- You see Turlington return with 6 knights and some large men in platemail talking from the Order of the Gauntlet faction.

- And you see Pickles the gnome (From Skyreach) meeting with some members of the Emerald Enclave.

- The council chambers grow quiet as the proceedings begin. A woman enters the room. Lady Bertram begins to describe the great threat that has been growing as the Cult of the Dragon attempts to unleash Tiamat into the world. She touches on stories from groups that have stood up against their efforts and applaud fills the room after each story is told. You all get a burst of inspiration as the story of your journey is explained in detail with some nods by your friends watching.

- Then she turns to each faction representative to state some of the ideas being discussed to stop the Cult. The discussion is long and there is a divisive tone as some factions disagree with the action that should be taken. But the greater goal appears to be stopping the Cult.

- You learn that the Cult has been gathering items of great power as well as abducting many people from all over the Sword Coast. The Council agrees that until the forces are large enough to stop the Cult and their amassing Dragons, the best course of action is to weaken them by thwarting their smaller plans and then strike once an army can be formed.

- Lady Bertram promises that the fight will be tough but the reward to any that stop Tiamat is a Keep and land within the boundary of Waterdeeps southern bourder.

- Groups of adventurers step up as faction leaders call for heroes. The faction leaders have hints of the Cults dealings and hands out assignments to any group that steps up.

- Sildar walks up to you all, greets you and wishes you all the best in the journey ahead. He hands you a parchment with details of your next task.

- A village south of Waterdeep (2 days ride) has had reports recently of abductions. Villagers are taken and there is little sign of where they were taken to. Sildar states that the latest abductions was a classroom full of children and their teacher. A small boy hiding behind Sildar steps from behind him. This boy escaped and shares the details with you all. He explains that they were dragonmen, green and scaly. They were taken just 3 days ago. Sildar offers you a visit to the Lords Alliance Armory should you successfully return with the abductees.

Eliutrans End

· Rycin put the rings on which had the spell Planar Return cast into them. 5 rings weren’t activated by the shop keeper because he only had 4 fingers on each hand.

· Inside the plane you got tossed around a little from the elemental chaos but managed to avoid some damage after getting your barings.

· You were engaged with 3 Gith warriors flying on Young Red Dragons. Their leader was a female named Alezae. She claimed her father was the creator of those rings, after he slain Mindflayers across the Astral and Materials Planes. He was killed and his rings lost, but they would return home when worn by another.

· Words were said, a fight broke out and Rycin lost his hands, both of them.

· In the Chaos of grabbing the rings Rycin was slapped a little parting gift. An silvered magic device on the back of his head. (Think Neo from the Matrix). To remove it you need to kill a Mind Flayer to pay tribute.

· You returned to the material plane, back in the city, Rycin with his hands gone, standing out side the shop where you got the rings. Inside you find the dead shopkeeper strung up and gutted hanging on the wall. You found a letter J carved into his chest.

· Because of the strange murder, you investigate further the dragon that was stolen from Junepei. Arcane energy within reveals that it has within it Regrowth spell cast into the Jade eyes of the stone dragon. Rycin excitedly uses the spell cast from one eye. His hands bubble and grow back, blistering with new flesh growth. But as the blisters fade and the skin hardens he finds his fingers have grown into black tentacles fingers. The path Rycin had chosen early in life on came to bite him a little, but he embraced his new tentacles with pride and joy.

· You leave the shop and are about to leave the city when you find your Wyverns stolen. The kid watching them says some men came, the same ones that steal from the zoo. You realize the Epicurian monthly meal is tonight and rush over to try and save your wyverns.

· Rycin freaks out the high class folks with his finger in the ear, out of the nose trick, and you rush to the kitchen to see men spearing your mounts. Their wings are badly damaged and they are cut up badly but still alive. You fight the men and win easily.

· As you leave the kitchen you see the fish-man idol in the kitchen and examine some pots to see them being cooked inside. Outside you see fog roll in and a gargantuan creature push in from the sea. All citizens caught in the fog are transformed into squid monsters with similar body forms as the massive beast. You use the sewers to escape out of the city and into the forest.

· Outside you heal up, bandage up your wyverns but find they are unable to fly. You see a few citizens of Eliutran escape and talk with them. A large force of paladins is seen saving many woman, children and elderly. Turlinton steps forward and claims he will take the refuges to Waterdeep. The journey is just north several days ride along a main trade road.

· You all decide to head to Waterdeep as well, but realized that Phandalin was on route and thought a quick stop there would be nice.

Day in Eliutran

Magic Shop owner, Rick asks the group to retrieve a dragon statue from a city noble, Junepei. He offers some cheaper prices to his stock if they retrieve the statue.

Rick takes dragon parts to make a few weapons and large waterskin for Skido

Group takes tour through the sewer to get into his basement. Group see fishy creatures praying to an idol.

Group fights some oozes in the sewer.

Group finally finds the door to Junepeis basement. Fight some clay golems to enter. Gems inside are golems are discovered.

Locks picked to get inside. A bomb unleashed

Found the entrance fully trapped but turned the traps against other guards.

You left the sewer at the coast line. You see almost a hundred fish men heading into the ocean but left them alone.

Rhogar had a fake statue made in town to keep the real one.

Outside you guys met the city watchmen, a black human paladin named Turlington. He had no beef with you, just investigating strange things.

Outside the shop you ran into a noble asshole that killed his horse. Rhogar tales thieves cant to stop his bodyguards. And you swiped his invitation to the Epicurian. Restaurant in town.

The shop keeper paid you with some new daggers for Rhogar and offered white dragon hide for anyone. I assume you wanted it. It’ll beef your AC to +1 any form and give resistant to cold damage. Human form only. If you want this I have the price.

Rhogar wanted to murder the shop keeper because he had charged 5600 gp for the daggers, emptying his funds. But cool heads stopped him.

The shop keep also gave you leads on other shops in town. He paid you with 5 magic rings. Apart did nothing so Rycin tried them all on. They wouldn’t come off. You enter the scene just as he’s struggling and all of you watch him fight to remove them when you look around and see you are in the elemental plane of chaos. The rings were looked at and someone recognized them as made by Gith, a strange astral planar race.

Discuss Ownership of Skyreach

Blagothkus the Cloud Giant discusses options of ownership of Skyreach. Terms are met and agreed upon.

Some damage is discussed, mainly of the operation tower.

A practice encounter between each giant type and the party happens inside the giants bedroom. He loses and gives a few gifts to the party, including shards that give directions back to skyreach.

Blag hops onside a Roc that lands on the lower deck. He head north to discuss with his kind the threat of the Dragon Cult. Skyreach is slowly heading north to follow him.

Players hop Wyverns to a nearby town of Eliutran. They head right for the nearest magic shop to spend the gold burning in their pockets.

Halloween Adventure

Last Will and Testimatent from Uncle Shecky reveals one of the characters owns a new mansion, but must spend the night to take ownership.

Inside the group finds undead zombies gathering for chorus practice.

Deeper inside a pair of Human Centipeeds are found practicing their stage shows before they canvas the neighborhood to put fliers up for the one night show.

And finally the Vampire Uncle Shecky is inside excited to see everyone but wants everyone undead…

Dragon Fight on Skyreach

Group fights Adult White Dragon on the deck of Skyreach.

The new sword found off of Rezmir was destroyed by the dragon.

A fight brews up on the upper deck with some remaining cultists and the Giants Guards.

Inside Skyreach

Depart the icehole and goodbye to new acquaintance
- Group (Rycin the Wizard, Narya, Rhogar, Skido, Solomon Grauerbar, Wen Tan meets up with a little Gnome named Pickles, who provides some general details about the structure and its inhabitants.
- Pickles is on his way to feed the White Dragon lurking inside Skyreach.
- The group decides to unload some stone giant corpses on the meat sled and include a little vial of poison to help them in their eventual fight with the dragon.

Up the spiral stairs
- The group walks over to the lower courtyard and the base of the giant sized spiral stairs.
- The courtyard is filled with Cultists wandering around and sorting things from their recent activities.
- Several rooms are observed but none are explored.

Further up the spiral stairs
- The group wanders to the top floor, the Upper Courtyard, where they see a couple dozen cloud-themed clothing ogres practicing their javelin throwing.
- Everyone decided to explore the giant stone door in front of them looking for the cloud giant. That ended up drawing attention of the ogres, who brought everyone to go see the Clout Giant. Blagothkus the Cloud Giant(aka. Blag)
- The group is introduced to Blag the Cloud Giant running Skyreach, his two Stone Giant guards, his two Ogre guards and his air elemental pet.
- It is discovered that the pact Blag made with the cultists has been causing him issues and he wishes to rething his plans. The group makes some very good arguments in this favor and convince Blag to offer some assistance in their efforts to deal with the cultists and their dragon.
- Blag provides details on the steering tower, currently operated by his deceased wife.
- Blag also offers some assistance with the dragon, and sends some guards to move ballistas to help from above.

Off to the steering tower
- The giant stone doors are opened by one of the Stone Giants.
- Inside everyone is met with the ghost of Blag, Ellacoata.
- It takes some convincing but she provides some details on the rune controls.
- The controls for Tilt are pressed and the group sends the flying castle lurching to one side, in hopes of tossing off many stray Cultists.
- Outside the group meets the Ogres that were waiting for the sudden lunge. A couple ogres follow the group as they approach the lower courtyard to clean up any remaining hangers on.

Burn the Kitchen
- The kitchen is the first room emptied. From outside the room is melted with fire and flooded from within. The blunt force from all the kitchen equipment lurching did most of the work, but the flood cleaned up.
- A Griffin was seen flying out of the kitchen.
- Spices were found waterlogged and determined to be useless.

Hangers on
- At the edge a few cultists were found still clinging to the ice. They were removed with some hammer smashing and ice melting.

Turn around to see enemies staring back
- The lower courtyard soon fills with cultists that were bunked inside. Rezmir and one of his red mages join the fray. Also included are several Kobolds, guard drakes and some Dragonwing fighters.
- Fight was tough, but the mage was dispatch first and his Staff a fire was quickly seized, soon to be duplicated.
- The rest of the group was also dispatched and Rezmir was taken down last. She proved to be a bigger handful with her dragon breath and awesome greatsword, Hazirawn (sentient, neutral evil greatsword).
- As the group examines the newly dead bodies they turn to see the White Dragon disturbed by the ships flight, now landing on the platform where they now stand…

Road Trip to Skyreach

Finish exploring the Dragon Hatchery
- Find a dead guard in the last room, the empty treasure chamber.
- Fight a giant tentacled creature that killed him.
- Find a side entrance to the 2nd room in the cave.
- Doubled back to pick up the Roper.
- At the cave entrance the group meets the escaped prisoner, Leosin Erlanthar

Roadtrip Prep
- Leo gathers supplies while the group hides in a cave to rest.
- Leo sends a message to a friend, pick up the Roper, send to Phandalin, get him to the Nothic. Rycin paid for his passage.
- Leo suggested heading to Elturel, to gather reinformcements. Adventurers decide to observe the moving army from a distance and determine their strength first.

Road Trip
- On the road the group found burrows and ran from Bulletes that attacked cultists as they traveled the road. Solomon Grauerbar cleverly used some wind wall to distract the beasts as they flead the scene.
- Further along the group ran into two stone giants killing a cultist. The two giants were killed by the group. Rain followed after their deaths.
- Shortly after the trail thined and the group found in the sky a floating castle with a large ice formation attached.

Upto Skyreach
- Using Fly, levetate, lots of rope, and the bags of holding, the group managed to fly up to Skyreach and enter an ice hole near the bottom. Inside they carved a little hole to rest before venturing deeper inside.
- Rycin the Wizard investigated further and found they were nearby a dragon, unseen by the group.

Dragon Hatchery

Narya, Rycin the Wizard, Rhogar, Skido, Solomon Grauerbar and Wen Tan march head first into the cultist camp, 5 days ride south of Phandalin. Wearing cultist robes and holding Skido bound and Solomon Grauerbar marching in as a bear.

Two hunters join the group heading back to camp with a load of more food for the camp, antelope, deer, chicken, rabbits and some bear. Convinced by Rycin that the bear is controlled they keep heading to camp. On route they are dispatched and their food taken and ‘poisoned’

On the way back two Kobolds meet up with the returning treasure. Their concern is with the camps quick departure, an escaped prisoner (a half elf) and a pissed off boss, Rezmir.

At camp, the scene is hectic. The campsite is being vacated. A large portion of the forces are gathering to move out and a small contingent left to guard the dragon hatchery. The party observes Rezmir, a black half-dragon wearing a black mask and a female cultist. The woman enters the cave with her party and the camp departs. In the bustle of the exit the group leaves the meat with the camp and takes the hatchery portion inside.

Two entrance guards are given some food in exchange for information on the meat storage. The two quickly eat and quickly fall over from the poison.

Inside the group bypasses the first stair trap and head into the heart of the first room of danger, 4 violet fungi. They are bypassed with a jaunt around the hall.

The next room proves more painful as the bats and other ceiling dwellers cause some pain for the players walking through.

The meat locker is found next. The entrance is trapped with barbed hooks hanging within the leather strips. Inside they leave the meat, pick up some dwarf gold teeth and meet a new “friend”. The Roper inside looking for some food and companionship says hi. He only likes fungi.

In the next room, the trash heap, the players dig through and find some discharged and overlooked gems. While celebrating they are attacked by 4 troglodytes. Quickly dispatched the group moves on.

Rycin moves in advance of the group while invisible. Five kobold are sitting in front of a cage of several guard drakes. He sees an opportunity to free the drakes and does so. The drakes unleash their fury on their tormentors and Rycin slips away with a smile.

Deeper inside, the group finds 12 sleeping kobolds, hiding from the sun they sleep during the day. They are quickly killed as a formallity.

One more room inside the group finds the dragon shrine recently used. Inside they see many amazing art of Tiamat rising from a volcano with many other smaller dragons flanking the carving.

One last stop, the dragon hatchery. Inside they see two creatures, the female cultist and her wyvern pet. Rycin, still invisible ends the illusion with a fireball that causes massive damage. The cultist and her wyvern pet are quickly dispatched and the 3 dragon eggs are baked in the fire. Baby black dragons ooze out of the burst and fried eggs dead in the shells remaining pieces.

As soon as the calm settles the hidden roper in the room makes his presence known and begins his attacks. Tentacled attacks begin pulling inthe players to attack them. Two of the guard drakes join the frey as they smell the initial fireball attack. But they are quickly destroyed and the group holds the young female cultist prisoner.


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