Phandalin Mancave

Cragmaw Hideout

Area 1 – Cave Mouth, Entrance to hideout: PCs meet up at the cave entrance
- Rycin the Wizard
- Veit
- Eludur
- Valtrex
- Drax
- Korden

Area 2 – Goblin Blind – 2 goblin scouts hiding behind thicket bushes
- Goblins killed by surprise attack

Area 3 – Kennel – 3 chained wolves barking at passer by.
- Wolves left alone
- Wolves later taken after defeating Klarg. See below

Area 4 – Steep Passage – 1 goblin scout on bridge, Perception vs stealth check
- Flood! – Goblins free loose rocks to flood tunnel incase of attack.
- Steep walk up dangerous incline. Dex check, damage on failed check
- Valtrex falls, goof… but manages to escape the incoming flood

Area 5 – Over Pass – 1 goblin on bridge (same goblin as in area 4)
- Goblin not noticed in time, he fleed up to release flood.

Area 6 – Goblin Den
- 6 goblins, 1 with 12 HP (Yeemik)
- Yeemik wants PCs to kill Klarg, threatens Sildar Hailwinter
- Captured Sildar Hailwinter
- Sildar released from grip and falls to ground unconcience.
- Group kill all goblins and free Yeemik of his Head!
- Sildar is revived and tells group about Gundren Rockseeker He was taken to Cragmaw Castle

Area 7 – Twin Pool Cave
- 3 Goblins, 1 flee as soon as fight starts, to warn Klarg
- Group kills 2 goblins, 1 escapes

Area 8 – Klargs Cave
- Klarg (bugbear)
- Wolf guard, 3 goblins and the loot stolen from Lionshield Costers
- mages float Yeemik’s head inside with Mage Hand and place it over the campfire inside. The oil inside explodes dealing some damage to the mobs.
- Group kills all goblins inside and takes off Klargs head

Outside of cave
- This shit is crazy…
- Group frees wolves inside, feeds them meat to calm them, succeeds animal handling check.
- To haul all the loot they obtained back to town, they decide to make a wolf drawn sled. Fail horibly at making the sled but make it back to town. On the way more wolves attack, but are also charmed and attached to the sled.



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