Phandalin Mancave

Day in Eliutran

Magic Shop owner, Rick asks the group to retrieve a dragon statue from a city noble, Junepei. He offers some cheaper prices to his stock if they retrieve the statue.

Rick takes dragon parts to make a few weapons and large waterskin for Skido

Group takes tour through the sewer to get into his basement. Group see fishy creatures praying to an idol.

Group fights some oozes in the sewer.

Group finally finds the door to Junepeis basement. Fight some clay golems to enter. Gems inside are golems are discovered.

Locks picked to get inside. A bomb unleashed

Found the entrance fully trapped but turned the traps against other guards.

You left the sewer at the coast line. You see almost a hundred fish men heading into the ocean but left them alone.

Rhogar had a fake statue made in town to keep the real one.

Outside you guys met the city watchmen, a black human paladin named Turlington. He had no beef with you, just investigating strange things.

Outside the shop you ran into a noble asshole that killed his horse. Rhogar tales thieves cant to stop his bodyguards. And you swiped his invitation to the Epicurian. Restaurant in town.

The shop keeper paid you with some new daggers for Rhogar and offered white dragon hide for anyone. I assume you wanted it. It’ll beef your AC to +1 any form and give resistant to cold damage. Human form only. If you want this I have the price.

Rhogar wanted to murder the shop keeper because he had charged 5600 gp for the daggers, emptying his funds. But cool heads stopped him.

The shop keep also gave you leads on other shops in town. He paid you with 5 magic rings. Apart did nothing so Rycin tried them all on. They wouldn’t come off. You enter the scene just as he’s struggling and all of you watch him fight to remove them when you look around and see you are in the elemental plane of chaos. The rings were looked at and someone recognized them as made by Gith, a strange astral planar race.



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