Phandalin Mancave

Inside Skyreach

Depart the icehole and goodbye to new acquaintance
- Group (Rycin the Wizard, Narya, Rhogar, Skido, Solomon Grauerbar, Wen Tan meets up with a little Gnome named Pickles, who provides some general details about the structure and its inhabitants.
- Pickles is on his way to feed the White Dragon lurking inside Skyreach.
- The group decides to unload some stone giant corpses on the meat sled and include a little vial of poison to help them in their eventual fight with the dragon.

Up the spiral stairs
- The group walks over to the lower courtyard and the base of the giant sized spiral stairs.
- The courtyard is filled with Cultists wandering around and sorting things from their recent activities.
- Several rooms are observed but none are explored.

Further up the spiral stairs
- The group wanders to the top floor, the Upper Courtyard, where they see a couple dozen cloud-themed clothing ogres practicing their javelin throwing.
- Everyone decided to explore the giant stone door in front of them looking for the cloud giant. That ended up drawing attention of the ogres, who brought everyone to go see the Clout Giant. Blagothkus the Cloud Giant(aka. Blag)
- The group is introduced to Blag the Cloud Giant running Skyreach, his two Stone Giant guards, his two Ogre guards and his air elemental pet.
- It is discovered that the pact Blag made with the cultists has been causing him issues and he wishes to rething his plans. The group makes some very good arguments in this favor and convince Blag to offer some assistance in their efforts to deal with the cultists and their dragon.
- Blag provides details on the steering tower, currently operated by his deceased wife.
- Blag also offers some assistance with the dragon, and sends some guards to move ballistas to help from above.

Off to the steering tower
- The giant stone doors are opened by one of the Stone Giants.
- Inside everyone is met with the ghost of Blag, Ellacoata.
- It takes some convincing but she provides some details on the rune controls.
- The controls for Tilt are pressed and the group sends the flying castle lurching to one side, in hopes of tossing off many stray Cultists.
- Outside the group meets the Ogres that were waiting for the sudden lunge. A couple ogres follow the group as they approach the lower courtyard to clean up any remaining hangers on.

Burn the Kitchen
- The kitchen is the first room emptied. From outside the room is melted with fire and flooded from within. The blunt force from all the kitchen equipment lurching did most of the work, but the flood cleaned up.
- A Griffin was seen flying out of the kitchen.
- Spices were found waterlogged and determined to be useless.

Hangers on
- At the edge a few cultists were found still clinging to the ice. They were removed with some hammer smashing and ice melting.

Turn around to see enemies staring back
- The lower courtyard soon fills with cultists that were bunked inside. Rezmir and one of his red mages join the fray. Also included are several Kobolds, guard drakes and some Dragonwing fighters.
- Fight was tough, but the mage was dispatch first and his Staff a fire was quickly seized, soon to be duplicated.
- The rest of the group was also dispatched and Rezmir was taken down last. She proved to be a bigger handful with her dragon breath and awesome greatsword, Hazirawn (sentient, neutral evil greatsword).
- As the group examines the newly dead bodies they turn to see the White Dragon disturbed by the ships flight, now landing on the platform where they now stand…



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