Phandalin Mancave

New Manor

Redbrand Cleanup duty

Sildar Hailwinter finds party, lets them know he is housed in the Keep, (Townhall)
- Gives map, asks party to help find his friend Ianro
- Gives offer of 100 GP to deal with orc troubles outside of city (not completed yet)
- Asks group to find Gundren Rockseeker and offers 500 gp for his safe return.

Party meets up with Kennel master to discuss training of wolves
- Rycin the Wizard asks to train Frik and Frak,

Party heads over to Sleeping Giant Tap House to deal with Redbrand threat.

Party meets up with Halia at the Phandalin Miners Exchange.
- She offers them 200 GP to deal with Redbrand Leader.
- Her intentions are not clear, doesnt appear to be good.

Party enters the Tresender Manor Manor.jpg in sewer entrance.
- Group meets up with the Nothic They befriend him with an offer of food.
- Group find every Redbrand in the manor.
- Group learns secret password to skeleton guards.
- Group frees captive family in cells.
- Group sneaks into Glasstaffs chambers, take his staff and beat him down. He is taken to prison in town. He is Ianro, trying to take over Phandalin.
- Group frees Droop the Goblin

Group decides to take over ownership of the Manor. They hire many workers to fulfill their adventuring needs.
- Nothic stays to be a bodyguard
- Skeleton guards are turned on as protection



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