Phandalin Mancave

Shackled Labor

First Adventure

Players wake, armor on but no weapons. They are bound to posts with hands tied over their head on posts. The bindings are threaded through the post in a hole. They are held over the ground 6’ off. Two large creatures are hauling the prisoners, loot and goblins.

The goblins and 3 bugbears are in control. Posts are carrying 10 prisoners, creatures have another 10 on their backs in cages.

PCs notice several task masters, 4 bugbear and 10 goblins

- PCs free themselves by breaking the post (Veit, Korden and Drax)
- fight off goblins and bugbears
- Free slaves captured by crew, freed citizens help attack goblins.
- Release weapons to help fight off slavemasters.
- Two creatures taimed slightly to help crush some goblins.
- Mobs defeated, 2 bugbear, 10 goblins
- Bugbears take Gundren Rockseeker and Sildar Hailwinter to their hideout, Cragmaw Hideout.
- Cargo sent on to Phandalin and PCs follow two NPCs taken by the last goblin of the group.
- Night ends at the entrance to the goblin/bugbear hideout.



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